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Painting on Lake Superior, Michigan​

I currently live in Washington, DC and work as a fine artist as well as a broadcast designer for a national TV network.


I grew up in Michigan and spent most of my summers on the shores of Lake Superior. The wild and untouched beauty along this incredible Great Lake influences me to this day. I find my way up there every year to paint en plein air.


I spent years painting mostly in oils and drawing with charcoal. I love to draw as much as paint so when an artist friend suggested using soft pastels on Wallis sanded paper, I was hooked. Painting with pastels on Wallis paper allows me to layer much more than on typical pastel paper resulting in a look and feel of oil paint. I use a Mount Vision, Rembrandt, Sennelier and Unison pastels.

I earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFS) in painting from Rochester Institute of Technology. Additional studies include Art and Soul workshop in Nashville, TN, The Art League in Alexandria VA and workshops with Kitty Wallis, Kurt Schwarz and Mike Francis.

I've shown my work in exhibitions in Rochester, NY,  New York, NY,  Nashville, TN,  Alexandria VA and Herndon, VA.

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